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What is a internal medicine doctor.

A general practice doctor of internal medicine specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions. They are also able to help treat respiratory problems and other diseases. They can prescribe medication for respiratory infections and help people live healthy lives. They may also work with other physicians to treat heart problems, such as a cardiologist. To learn more about becoming an internal medicine practitioner, read on. This article explains the main duties and responsibilities of this profession.

A general practitioner may treat minor illnesses and injuries, but an internal medicine physician focuses on complex diseases and chronic illnesses. An intern is a doctor in their first year of residency training who treats adult patients with many different types of illnesses. During an annual physical, an intern will often perform procedures such as a CT scan and an arterial blood gas analysis. They may also refer patients to other specialists for further testing or to other doctors who specialize in the field.

A general practitioner may specialize in one or more subspecialties. An internist may specialize in the care of people with allergies or cardiovascular disease. He or she might recommend a referral to a cardiologist, or order tests from other diagnostic specialists. The doctor may also manage the condition for a long period. In this way, an internist may be the primary doctor for a patient's needs. A general practitioner may be the right choice for a general practice.

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